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Healda: An impressive fusion of skill, knowledge & creativity.

The quality, quick action, and excellent biocompatibility are the characteristics of all Healda products.

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Healda is a Biotechnology company

Healda Inc. is a team of medical, pharmaceutical, food chemistry, and product processing experts. They have been active since 2019 in producing medical devices, such as hemostatic agents and advanced wound dressings made from biopolymers and hydrocolloid compounds.

AriClot Powder

​Modified absorable hemostatic powder 

Available in 3g, 5g, and 7g packs

  • Natural-based, ultra-rapid, superabsorbent, and absorbable hemostatic powder with excellent biocompatibility.
  • Clinically proven efficacy even in life-threatening bleeding.
  • Ready to use powder to stop internal and external bleeding 


AriClot Fibril

Superabsorbant hemostatic fibril 

Available in Sizes 10*10, 10*25, and 10*35 centimeters

  • A sterile fibril with over 10 times the absorbance capacity compared to standard fibrils, enhanced with antibacterial features.
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable for both external and internal use.
  • ​​​​​​​Controls extensive surface bleeding, such as burns, with an easy-to-use and super-efficient method.


AriClot foam

Hemostatic Pad/Gel 

Available in size 1*1, 2*5, 3*10 centimeter 

A user-friendly filling pad has been developed to effectively address bleeding from cavity-like lesions, with the specific aim of enhancing patient safety and comfort for dental professionals. This innovative solution eliminates the issue of persistent bleeding following dental extractions and is both biocompatible and degradable.


AriClot Guaze

Superabsorbant gauze

  • An outstanding gauze with incredible water absorbency (more than 20 times routine gauzes) and hemostatic properties, boosted with antibacterial features.
  • Fully biocompatible and biodegradable, making it a versatile and optimal option in burn, trauma, war, and surgical procedures dealing with hemorrhage.
  • An innovative solution for medical emergencies.


​Available in 4*4 format with 4, 6 or 8 layer 

Latest products

AriClot  Wax

Biocompatible Absorbalable Bone-wax


  • Cease bone bleeding using a new generation of biocompatible and absorbable bone wax.
  • There is no concern regarding foreign body reaction and cytotoxicity effects associated with the old-generation non-absorbable bone wax.
  • It can be utilized in any bone-cutting surgery, such as sternotomy, with confidence.

Available in size 2*5, 3*10 centimeter 

AriClot Spray


  • Spray Dressing is a pioneering solution for enhancing patient confidence and safety .
  • Enhanced with advanced features, including being ready-to-use, antibacterial, skin-friendly, biocompatible, and transparent dressing.
  • This innovative solution is specifically designed for large surface wounds, such as extensive burns, bedsores, or irregular border wounds.

Volatile transparent dressing 

Available in 25 cc, 50 ml , 100 ml spray 

lower clotting time than rivals


(​​​​​​​The least one)

​​< 0.5% 

Faster and potent  than others

​8 times

Absorption without residual


AriClot Powder

Three main features of Healda



This feature undergoes repeated testing in cellular and animal experiments, and is verified according to international standards, with accurate documentation in all Healda products.

High quality

Superior quality in comparison to both domestic and international competitors.


Cost benefit 

In addition to upholding global product quality, the pricing of the products is highly competitive, making it the most suitable option for patients and healthcare systems.


Healda's certificates

Healda has achieved excellence in multiple fields, and we are proud to showcase its certificates, approvals from various organizations, and awards.

Let's explore more about Healda!

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Licenses and organizational approvals for Healda

​​​​​​​​A scientific trip with Healda  

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Healda Team

Dr Mohammadi 

Associated proffessor of Pediatric cardiology -  CEO

Dr Hosseini

Proffessor of Food
Production manager

Dr Efetekharian

Associated proffessor of Anesthesilogy
​​​​​​​ -HR manager

Dr Naseri

Associated Proffessor of food science
Head of International branch and marketing 

Dr Fazel

​PHD of Food science 
Head of R/D section

Dr Narouni

Industrial Pharmsit

Dr Haghighat

OB and Gyn surgeon

Mrs Nourozi


Mrs Mohammadi

Quality assurance manager

Our professional services and expertise

Absorable Hemostatic Dressing 

Healda company specializes in the production of biocompatible and biodegradable products, with a focus on hemostatic dressing and agents that are ultrafast and highly effective.

​Biocompatible polymer

Healda has had successful and brilliant experiences in producing biocompatible industrial polymers in various fields such as medical, food, and colors.

Special dressing

The integration of contemporary knowledge, technical expertise, innovation, and comprehensive technical infrastructure has facilitated our entry into new domains in the treatment of specific wounds and dressings, including transparent dressing, hydrogel dressing, antibacterial dressing, tissue regeneration promotion dressing, and special dressing for exudative wounds.

Centers in collaboration with Healda

Shiraz University of medical sciences 

There is a close collaboration between this university and Healda company in the field of biomedical research and clinical trials, and the initial design of these products has been registered at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences as a patented innovation.

Shiraz Unversity

There is a close collaboration between this university and Healda company in the field of manufacturing and production of products. Acutally the healda company located in the sicence vally of shiraz university 

Fars Science & technology Park

Healda is well known company of this park and originated from this park 

We are available through two sites.