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Healda Inc.

Healda Inc. is a professional group of medical, pharma, food chemistry, and product processing specialists active since 2019 in medical device production, including hemostatic agents and active and smart wound dressings based on biopolymers and hydrocolloid compounds. Focusing on the required combinations of operating rooms and trauma, the company has succeeded in producing intelligent and biodegradable hemostatic agents. With the development of applied technologies, the company's smart and active products effectively prevent bleeding and significantly affect wound healing

Phone number is (587) 896-9098
Industry:  Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Professional  Team 

At Healda Inc., a team of highly skilled professionals, including experts in basic sciences, clinicians, and pharmacologists, work in unison to lead the charge in developing products of unparalleled quality. This eclectic group applies their vast knowledge and specialized skills to guarantee that each product not only meets industry standards but significantly surpasses them. Basic science professionals lay the crucial groundwork with their scientific research, essential for the early phases of product development. Clinicians offer priceless perspectives on patient care and usability, ensuring products are thoughtfully designed for the end-user. Pharmacologists, with their deep understanding of drug interactions and safety, play a pivotal role in certifying that all products are both effective and safe for consumers. Collectively, they form the backbone of Healda Inc.'s dedication to innovation and excellence, driving the company's mission to deliver exceptional products.